Saturday, 14 August 2010

Long time NO post..Sorry :(

Hey Guys

Sorry I have not posted a blog post in a while been really busy with my new job at a marketing and sales firm. Also been out a lot with friends as I leave for the city in October so trying to spend lots of time with them before I leave.

Anyway more with fashion, I am loving autumn at the moment!! I cannotwait for the next seasons to come, I have already bought loads of cardigans and jumpers, my faves are the ones in Topshop and New Look at the moment. I bought a beautiful jumper in New Look the other day, its cream with floral prints and sequins. Cannot wait to wear it with a pair of skinny jeans or a high waist skirt for a cute, preppy look.

I am also loving the colour GREEN! Its just so flattering on my hair and skin tone. I have bought a green cardigan, Superdry shirt, tops and jeans all this month, its definitely the colour of the moment, me and my bestie Victoria were discussing it over bucks fizz and cake the other day, love it!

Anyways sorry its short and sweet but thought I best keep you posted. Hope everyone is well :)

Lots of Love

B xo

Monday, 26 July 2010

I'm BACK :)!

Hi Dolls,

So I am back from Egypt, got back a week ago now :)!!!

Had an amazing time, the weather was awesome, hotel was great and it was super relaxing! Also one of my friends happen to be on vacation in the same hotel and for the sa
me time as me and we didn't even know until we saw each other at the hotel...CRAZY!

Anyways it was the perfect opportunity to get those bikini's, maxi dresses, floral playsuits and hair flowers out! Such a tropical and warm destination you needed to look like a Hawaiian barbie for sure ha! I found comfort in my Lipsy and ASOS bikini's, pair with some Topshop shorts or lose New Look dresses and Havianana's flip flops in the day time (as well as some super big bug sunglasses) and in the evening lose floaty maxi dresses and playsuits with tons of bracelets fit the bill.

Overall I have a amazing time, shopping was rather low key but I did pick up some super cute trinket bracelets in the local town.

Anyways more fashion blogs soon so stay with me :) Also on my YT channel Ladyfashionable keep up to date with my outfit of the days and Haul's!

Much Love

B xo

P.S OMMMG I have found my new TV love while in Egypt... HOUSE M.D! Its brilliant, I just went and bought the box sets today, I am that hooked!

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

My Favourite places to shop for HOLIDAY clothing

Hi Dolls,

So I'm off to Egypt next week and I've been going crazy on holiday clothes this past week, as I always panic right before I about to go as I always think I haven't brought enough clothes, when in actual fact I've normally brought too much. Am I the only one that exceeds the baggage limit? ha.

So I went a bit playsuit happy and bought two this week. The first one is from which is the pastel one. I like the material of this one because its a little bit heavier which may seem a odd reason to like this one, but the heavier fabric makes it look a little more structured. The second playsuit, which is a lighter material is from Topshop in there sale running at the moment-so it may be worth checking out the Topshop website, from some cheap but chic playsuits.

Next are the fabulous shorts from River Island, which were £24.99 I believe. There amazing on with just a simple white tank and some big, bold jewellery. I also love the brown belt that it comes with as it contrasts perfectly against the blue. I also bought a floral skirt in the River Island sale, seriously guys if you needs some bargains the hit the River Island website, they have tons of perfect summery pieces. I'm not sure if they ship internationally, but if not then theres always Ebay! HA!

I bought two other items from New Look, a pair of gold wedge sandals and a blue dress. All the pictures should be on this blog.

Anyways I hope everyone is well, I will be posting a haul of the items in this blog post so if your a subscriber on my YouTube channel ( then stay tuned!

Much Love
B xo

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Wedding Party Dress

Hi Dolls,

So went to the wedding on Saturday and wore this gorgeous blue dre
ss. I found this in a almost thrift type store and I adore it! The colour is perfect for my slightly tanned skin tone and dark hair. I also love the snake detail touch on the front, which adds the Carrie Bradshaw glam :)!! What do you guys think?

For accessories I wore a blue ribbon and pearl necklace with a white cuff and gold bracelets. I then wore some nude Kurt Geiger heels to keep it neutral, along with a white clutch.

Anyways other than that I have been working hard, were super busy at the moment with the summer sale! Joy! Also loving that I have a few more followers of my blog, thank you guys means a lot and I hope you will enjoy the posts to come :)

All requests are welcome :)
Anyways time for sleep, I have attached a pic of me in the dress as well as one of my and my amazing boyfriend.

Sleep tight Dolls

Becky xo

Monday, 14 June 2010

Wish Lists and Summer Weddings

Hi Dolls,

So I have a two blog posts today, this being my first :).

This Saturday I am off to wedding and the weather is due to be rather nice so I am planning on wearing the Lipsy dress I featured in a haul video a while ago but if you have forgotten then I will upload a pic of it for you to see.

I love this dress is a unusual colour and flatters my body shape well, the ruffles add a bust which I don't have and the black waist belt pulled tight
gives me a curve. So this dress is a big WIN :)! I will pair these up with some black peep toes, some bangles possible gold ones and have my hair curly with a sultry eye for makeup.

Leading on from accessories I have been chatting with my boyfriend about wish list items such as shoes, bags, jewellery, sunglasses (only me my boyfriends wish list consists of t-shirts, watches, cars, football tickets haha). My big wish lift item is a pair of Louboutin's, mainly the peep toes :).

So tell me your wish list item and I will be posting a YouTube video tag asking everyone there wish list fashion items.

Hope you day is well and chat soon.

Peace Out

Becky xo

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Hi Everyone First blog post!!!

Hi Everyone, hope you well!!

So this is my first blog post and I yet have no followers or people that even know this exist! So I am writing to myself! FAIL!

No, I really hope that my lovely YouTube subscribers will enjoy this page! I will be posting many fashion tips, trend of the week, what I'm loving, outfit of the day pictures etc!! ALL suggestions are welcome though!!

So today I was at work which was rubbish because the weather was glorious! At the current moment I am watching the World cup, supporting England!!!!!

Today it was casual dress so I just wore some Miss Sixty skinny jeans and my new favourite TopShop top, which got many compliments so WIN! I also wore TopShop sandals and River Island necklace!

Anyways enjoy you're evening everyone and chat soon.

Peace out Dolls

Becky xo