Tuesday, 29 June 2010

My Favourite places to shop for HOLIDAY clothing

Hi Dolls,

So I'm off to Egypt next week and I've been going crazy on holiday clothes this past week, as I always panic right before I about to go as I always think I haven't brought enough clothes, when in actual fact I've normally brought too much. Am I the only one that exceeds the baggage limit? ha.

So I went a bit playsuit happy and bought two this week. The first one is from www.newlook.com which is the pastel one. I like the material of this one because its a little bit heavier which may seem a odd reason to like this one, but the heavier fabric makes it look a little more structured. The second playsuit, which is a lighter material is from Topshop in there sale running at the moment-so it may be worth checking out the Topshop website, www.topshop.com from some cheap but chic playsuits.

Next are the fabulous shorts from River Island, www.riverisland.com which were £24.99 I believe. There amazing on with just a simple white tank and some big, bold jewellery. I also love the brown belt that it comes with as it contrasts perfectly against the blue. I also bought a floral skirt in the River Island sale, seriously guys if you needs some bargains the hit the River Island website, they have tons of perfect summery pieces. I'm not sure if they ship internationally, but if not then theres always Ebay! HA!

I bought two other items from New Look, a pair of gold wedge sandals and a blue dress. All the pictures should be on this blog.

Anyways I hope everyone is well, I will be posting a haul of the items in this blog post so if your a subscriber on my YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/lasyfashionable) then stay tuned!

Much Love
B xo


  1. Everything is soooo cute! I can't wait to see your pix of Egypt...I'm so jealous...hahaha

  2. you have nice taste of clothes. I love topshop too. i shopping at topshop too :)