Monday, 14 June 2010

Wish Lists and Summer Weddings

Hi Dolls,

So I have a two blog posts today, this being my first :).

This Saturday I am off to wedding and the weather is due to be rather nice so I am planning on wearing the Lipsy dress I featured in a haul video a while ago but if you have forgotten then I will upload a pic of it for you to see.

I love this dress is a unusual colour and flatters my body shape well, the ruffles add a bust which I don't have and the black waist belt pulled tight
gives me a curve. So this dress is a big WIN :)! I will pair these up with some black peep toes, some bangles possible gold ones and have my hair curly with a sultry eye for makeup.

Leading on from accessories I have been chatting with my boyfriend about wish list items such as shoes, bags, jewellery, sunglasses (only me my boyfriends wish list consists of t-shirts, watches, cars, football tickets haha). My big wish lift item is a pair of Louboutin's, mainly the peep toes :).

So tell me your wish list item and I will be posting a YouTube video tag asking everyone there wish list fashion items.

Hope you day is well and chat soon.

Peace Out

Becky xo

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